New Zealand is prone to the uncertain and catastrophic potential of natural hazards to impact our homes, businesses and communities. Our ability to recover when disaster strikes is vital to our prosperity and wellbeing.

Successfully recovery from natural disaster requires enabling businesses to survive and work with other organisations to contribute more to the recovery of their communities.

Drawing on discussions with more than 50 business, central and local government, and community leaders involved in the Canterbury earthquake recovery, Contributing More highlights a number of lessons on business resilience, leadership in recovery and collaboration. It also includes recommendations to both the public and private sector on how they can help facilitate businesses contributing more to future natural disaster recoveries.

The report includes important steps businesses can take to ensure they not only survive natural disasters, but thrive and contribute their considerable skills, experience and resources to wider community recovery. It encourages businesses to be proactive, reduce their risks, and build networks that will enable collaboration opportunities. In addition, it recommends updating central and local government frameworks in order to unlock and make best use of the contributions of businesses.

Download the report for more details on our findings and recommendations.

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