New Zealand needs to create an environment in which businesses are proactive in becoming more resilient and, when disaster strikes, contributing to the recovery of their communities.

Resilient New Zealand encourages businesses to embed resilience in their existing planning structures and practices so they are better able to contribute to recovery. We want to ensure that businesses are also working with central and local government to develop governance frameworks that enable the capabilities, resources and people of businesses to be better utilised in a recovery.

Our report Contributing More makes the following recommendations:

  • Be proactive – businesses need to act now to identify and enable the contributions they can make to community disaster resilience and recovery and to support other organisations to do the same
  • Improve risk management – businesses need to develop a greater understanding of the risks and impacts of natural disasters and their consequences and to establish risk management frameworks to mitigate these
  • Strengthen disaster plans – businesses need to maintain robust plans that encompass all aspects of their businesses, including employees, assets, information, distribution channels, customers and suppliers. Plans need to be sufficiently practised and roles need to be clearly established
  • Invest in agility – businesses need to become more agile by focusing on their culture, leadership development, staff engagement; building the right skills and capabilities and maintaining wellbeing
  • Build relationships and networks – businesses need to build broad and deep networks with other businesses, central and local government, NGOs and other organisations in their communities
  • Plan to strengthen community resilience – local governments need to increase their focus on community resilience in their planning and work with businesses to unlock the contribution they can make. Businesses need to actively engage with local government in this
  • Focus on recovery in Civil Defence Emergency Management – the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management and regional Civil Defence Emergency Management groups need to increase their focus on recovery within their strategies and plans and to work with businesses to unlock the contribution they can make. Businesses need to actively engage in this
  • Develop a national blueprint for major disaster recovery – the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management needs to develop a governance blueprint for national emergencies, to act as a key resource for major disaster recovery.

Download the report for more details on this topic and our other findings and recommendations or contact us below to share your thoughts or experiences on increasing New Zealand’s resilience and the contribution businesses can make to community recovery.

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