The leadership of recovery can come from many places in the community. There is a strong belief that businesses can take a leadership role, both through the recovery of their own organisations and their contribution to wider community recovery.

In considering leadership, Resilient New Zealand has looked for ways for the business community to improve how it can help lead recovery. This included:

  • understanding the many ways business and its leaders can lead in a recovery;
  • which governance and decision-making structures can best enable business to contribute; and
  • how business can enable and support wider community leadership

Our report Contributing More makes the following observations about the general approach to leadership in a recovery:

  • Recovery needs one party to establish governance
  • Recovery needs many leaders
  • There are many and diverse ways for businesses to lead in a recovery
  • Leadership styles need to adapt to the circumstances
  • Different drivers can get in the way of effective leadership
  • New leaders will emerge
  • Recovery is a long hard road and leaders need support
  • Communication is critical.

Also contained are the following ways to improve recovery leadership:

  • Enable businesses to contribute through strong recovery governance
  • Encompass all recovery environments in governance
  • Harness the skills and attributes businesses can bring to a recovery
  • Strengthen relationships between business, government and the wider community
  • Understand what type of leadership is needed
  • Think beyond rebuild to regeneration.

There is an opportunity to use these lessons to provide the right environment for businesses to contribute before and after future disasters. These lessons underpin the recommendations we make in Contributing More that focus on steps businesses and central and local government can take to unlock and make best use of the contributions that businesses can make to wider community recovery.

Download the report for more details on this topic and our other findings and recommendations or contact us below to share your thoughts on leadership.

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